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Date: October 18, 2018

Place: First Hotel Norrtull, Sankt Eriksgatan 119

           Stockholm, Sweden

Are you a techy or a business person? or maybe both? 

Check the agenda below to choose which part of the event would be more exciting for you. Once you register we will get back to you with more information shortly. 


Atos Inspiration Day 2018

We look forward to seeing you in October! 

Business as usual usually means no business at all

Prepare for tomorrow by doing one thing differently today!

How will new technologies re-shape the way we do business, and how will the business landscape look like in 2022? In order to be fit for the future of business, organizations and people have to adapt faster, be more flexible and move away from old patterns.

What to do differently today to exist tomorrow?

Join Atos Inspiration Day to get the answers!

We will have an exciting day where we will talk about different aspects of Internet of Things and Innovation, from connected devices to edge computing to analytics to smart business solutions.

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Narrow Band-IoT connectivity service and cases

Kasper Brandt

Nordic Cyber Security Lead 


Kasper Brandt is the Nordic Cyber Security Lead at Atos. Kasper manages the expansion of the security consulting division of Atos Nordics, and his wide experience within cyber security consists of digital forensic investigations, penetration testing, forensic analysis, incident response, within the public and private sector. 

Ted Schönbeck

Customer Engineering Manager 


Ted Schönbeck is a Cloud Architect Lead for Google Cloud in Sweden. He has 20 years experience working for IBM, Dell, VMware, EMC and Red Hat. He is a passionate cloud, AI and digital transformation evangelist and a frequent speaker at industry events.

Engelbert Schrapp

Corporate Account Manager


Engelbert Schrapp has more than 25 years of experience in engineering and tech industries. As current Corporate Account Manager, he has a great overview on the possible direction where the manufacturing industry could be headed to over the next decade.

Per Edoff

Chief Digital Officer 


Per Edoff has 20 years’ experience of management positions across various Energy/Utility companies as well as being Chairman of the IoT Company, Tingcore. His role at Fortum as a CDO includes: formulating digital strategy and incorporating it into business strategy, introducing new digital business opportunities and models, identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency enabled by digitalization.

Thomas Mårtensson

Coordinator Technology Development 

Swedish Olympic Committee 

Tomas Mårtensson is technology developer at the Swedish Olympic Committee. As a coach and technical expert, he has participated in seven Olympic games. Since 2014 he has also been coordinating technology development projects with a purpose of creating strategies for maximizing athletes' performance for upcoming Olympic events.


8.30 – 12.00 Technology of tomorrow

Keynote speakers

-  “A hacker’s way in” - Kasper Brandt, Nordics Cyber Security Program Lead at Atos

- "Navigating a Cloudy Sky: Practical Guidance and the State of Cloud Security" - Dale Fairbrother, EMEA Partner SE, Cloud Security at McAfee


- Narrow Band-IoT connectivity service and cases

- Digital Twin

- The Sales Job of the future: from Data to Actionable Insights

Ease of the breach

- Protect data in the cloud, from the cloud with cloud access security broker (CASB) technology by McAfee

13.00 – 17.00 “Smart business solutions”

Keynote speakers

- "AI - from hyper to reality" - Ted Schönbeck, Customer engineering manager at Google

- “Digital journey, how to start and scale IT up” - Per Edoff, Chief Digital Officer at Fortum

- Gustav Lind, CIO at WSP

- “Open IoT Ecosystem: from theory to practice” - Engelbert Schrapp, Corporate Account Manager at Siemens

- “Citius, Altius, Fortius” - Tomas Mårtensson, Coordinator technology development at Swedish Olympic Committee

You are welcome to join either of the sessions, or come and spend the whole day with us!

12.00 - 13.00 Networking lunch

17.00 +  Networking light dinner and Afterwork


In this session, you will be guided through the NB-IoT connectivity, service and opportunities of NB-IoT. We also will demonstrate a few cases we are working on utilizing the connectivity services and IoT platform

Digital Twin

With an ever increasing digitized world, there is a need for a digital twin to meet the needs of interactions with the users of systems representing daily activities. We are investigating ways to easily
capture the real world for modelling this digital twin. In this session we’ll demonstrate the efforts and show possible applications.

The Sales Job of the future: from Data to Actionable Insights

Will robots take over your job? Or can we embrace their potential? Analytics and AI are an undeniable part of the future of work. According to us, your future job will use analytics as an enabler rather than an enemy. These systems help you by coming up with actionable insights: analytical results that you can put to action directly. In this session we will demonstrate a real life example of an intelligent sales
application that was conceptualized and implemented by Atos. By combining various data sources, advanced analytics and a microservices based architecture we can integrate analytics to help you with your daily work.

Ease of the breach 

Do you still believe in complete security of your internet-based activities? Demonstration of new cutting-edge techniques used by hackers will show you how vulnerable your network actually is. Examples of Social engineering, Wifu and military grade equipment will be on display.

Protect data in the cloud, from the cloud with cloud access security broaker (CASB) technology by McAfee

Learn how Security Cloud can detect shadow IT Cloud usage, correct IaaS workloads for Security compliance, and protect your sensitive information wheter it goes inside or outside the cloud.

First Hotel Norrtull

Sankt Eriksgatan 119

113 43 Stockholm, Sweden

Getting there


If you arrive by car, we recommend you to park in Q-Parks parking garage in the basement of the hotel.

There is an elevator in the garage leading directly to the lobby. You´ll find the entrance to the garage on the side of the hotel, where Norra Stationsgatan and Sankt Eriksgatan meets.

First Hotel Norrtull is located in central Stockholm, 3 km from Stockholm Central Station and 38 km from the Arlanda airport. 

Arriving from Arlanda airport: 

The Airport Coaches - Flygbussarna from Arlanda airport stop right outside the entrance of the hotel. Take the route Arlanda - Stockholm City and get off at bus stop Norra Stationsgatan.  

Arriving by local buses / subway / commuter train (SL): 

The local buses stop right outside the entrance of the hotel at the bus stop Norra Stationsgatan (på St Eriksgatan)

The commuter train, which is located within a couple of blocks from the hotel, stops at the station Odenplan.

The subway, also located within a few blocks from the hotel, stops at stations Odenplan and St. Eriksgatan).