AIsaac Cyber Mesh is a Next-Generation Managed Detection and Response Service reinforced by Amazon Bedrock gen AI and Amazon Security Lake.

AIsaac Cyber Mesh is a next-generation managed detection and response (MDR) service from Eviden offered in collaboration with AWS, providing advanced threat protection, detection, response, and recovery capabilities.

Eviden’s AIsaac Cyber Mesh MDR service is backed by a team of 6500 experienced security professionals and 16 SOCs committed to helping you protect your data from today’s sophisticated cyber threats. 

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This next-gen MDR service from Eviden is built on a cybersecurity mesh architecture and uses an Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), which integrates various security tools and data sources into a single, interoperable framework.

This is powered by Amazon Bedrock generative AI and Amazon Security Lake to enable enterprises to secure their entire digital estate using a single platform across all security layers.


Eviden’s next-gen MDR service can:  

  • Detect and respond to threats 90% faster than traditional solutions 
  • Understand and close potential threat exposures to prevent attacks 
  • Improve response and recovery time to avoid business disruption 
  • Manage complex cyber attacks without adding additional staff 
  • Enhance visibility of business and industry-specific metrics 
  • Improve returns on current security investments 
  • Develop robust cyber resiliency across your digital estate  



Gartner® Peer Insights Reviews of Eviden Managed Detection and Response Services:  

“Advanced next-level SIEM service with threat hunting, auto containment feature.”

IT Security Manager from Transportation Industry

"Managed Security Services partner with a highly skilled and passionate team.”

Vice President Information Security in the Education Industry

Truly high touch MDR service, great team to work with.”

Global head of cybersecurity and IT compliance in the Healthcare Industry

"The Modern SOC operated by ATOS is highly professional"

IT Security and Risk Management in Manufacturing Industry



Empower your Organization with AI-powered Cybersecurity Mesh 


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Interoperable Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

A composable, scalable approach that consolidates multiple security products and datasets across multiple layers to act as one unified solution.

Generative AI/LLM for Response Automation

Leverage models built with Eviden’s Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Knowledgebase and third-party services, including AWS Bedrock and Sagemaker.

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Security Lake

Automatically centralize security data from traditionally discrete siloed sources, and normalize it according to the OCSF standard to create a single view. 

Predictive Analytics

Collect and correlate threat intelligence from hundreds of sources, automatically hunt for threats, and identify unknown multi-channel attacks.

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