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Our answer: An Atos NG9-1-1 ecosystem that manages responses across all digital communications channels and through all partner agencies.

Turnkey provider

Centralized Responses

Seamless Upgrades: Better TCO

Converged Communications 

A single platform to manage all your emergency communications.

Converge all your media from video to social to big data in an integrated command flow.

Upgrade to our NG9-1-1 ecosystem while reaping TCO for your existing 911 systems.

Stay Connected

Get connected and save lives

Learn How

Connected Cities: Safety and Security with NG9-1-1

Explore how a single platform can manage all your emergency communications.

Improving Collaboration across Federal, State and Local Agencies

Explore how a single platform can manage all your emergency communications.

OpenScape First Response

Find out how to integrate voice, video, text and other communication media into your call routing network.

Making the City Safe:The City of Madrid

Learn how the City of Madrid reduced response times and saved lives with an integrated emergency response solution.

Key Capabilities

Carrier-grade VoIP switch

Comes with an embedded ESRP

Turnkey provider

For full infrastructure migration that is carrier agnostic.

A native multimedia platform

For all types of communication - priority 9-1-1 traffic regardless of call type (voice/data/text/video).

Cybersecurity expertise

For end-to-end threat mitigation and domain management.

Building a Business Case for NG9-1-1

Listen to the recorded webinar of  how to Build a Business Case for NG9-1-1.

Public Safety Answering Points

Atos Public Safety

Learn More
Carrier-grade VoIP switch
A native multimedia platform
Converged Communications
Centralized EMS Responses

Watch our NG9-1-1 video

Building a Business Case for NG9-1-1

Learn how to challenge norms and change mindsets to create an NGSmart ESInet domain.

Our Experts

Robert Clark

Vice President NEXTGEN Solutions

Phil Rotheram

Senior Director NEXTGEN Solutions